Fortress Evolution Steel Framing

StoneCroft Construction recommends Fortress Evolution Steel Framing. Since the introduction of the Fortress Evolution Steel Framing System, StoneCroft Construction has adopted it as our primary framing system. The Fortress Evolution Steel Framing system includes steel support posts unlike other systems on the market.  Because we only install steel frame, we have devloped the system even further working with our own engineers to solve any problems that come along.  Steel does not warp, rot or crack like wood. Due to the fact that many decks, including those on newly constructed homes, are not built with treated lumber, we often come across severely deteriorated wood framing. Some decks in need of total replacement were built as recently as 7 years ago. Please see our "Why Steel?" section  to see pictures of wood rot to understand why StoneCroft Construction recommends steel over wood.  



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