Deck Building Frequently Asked Questions


 Can you work with my existing deck and modify it?


·       Not under normal circumstances.  Many builder grade decks in the Colorado Springs area are nearing the end of their useful life.  When adding  new to the old, people often forget that they retain the warping, rotting and other problems of the old deck. At StoneCroft Construction, we simply have found that it is not worth it. 


Do you build pressure treated wood decks?


·       No.  We are a composite deck installer. Our metal railing completes the low maintenance deck that our customers are looking for in either steel or aluminum.  The framing of our decks is Fortress Evolution Framing-a galvanized light gauge steel that carries a 25 year warranty. 


Are your stair stringers (joists) made from wood?


·       No.  This is one of the main differences that sets StoneCroft Construction apart from most other deck builders.  We have our own signature steel frame stair system that allows our stairs to be extremely long lasting while also being beautiful to the eye.  When looking for a steel frame deck, make sure you are also getting steel frame stairs, as these are often the first thing to give problems even when made of rot resistant pressure treated wood.


Is composite decking the only thing that you install on a deck?


·       While Trex Transcend is the main line of decking we install, we also offer TimberTech Pro’s new Reserve Collection and Deckorator’s Voyage Decking with its’ patented Eovations Technology. 


Do you install in deck or under deck water systems to keep the space below dry? 


·       While we don’t install them ourselves, we have a great partnership with Underdeck Oasis.  They take great care of our clients, providing a dry living space beneath their deck with a great finished ceiling look. 


How long does a typical deck install take?


·       Good question.  At StoneCroft Construction, we have firsthand experience on the delays that can come up in deck building. From unexpected weather to rot or pest issues that have extend into the structure of the house, we do our best to schedule enough time for any mishaps along the way. We typically schedule a 4-6 week time block, but often complete our projects well in advance.


I have to get HOA approval for my deck, do you help with that?


·       We deal with many HOA’s all the time.  We will help you with design documents needed to present to your HOA.  Due to our thoroughness, we usually don’t have any problems with HOA approval. 


Are you licensed and insured?


·       Yes. We are registered with the State of Colorado, licensed with Pike’s Peak Regional Building and a copy of our insurance is available upon request.


How is steel framing put together? Do you have to weld it?


·       We install our steel frame decks and steel frame stairs with galvanized self-tapping structural screws.  This means no welding in your back yard and no fire danger from welding.


Do you use hidden fasteners on your decking?


·       Yes, we do.  One type of fastener goes into grooves in the decking, the other is a screw that goes through the decking and is followed by a matching plug so it is barely seen.  We believe that no visible fasteners provides a smooth and pristine look to your deck.




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